Top 5 Online Shopping/eCommerce Sites in The World

There was a time when people had to invest a lot of their precious and valuable time for shopping and well let’s not kid ourselves, we all love to do a little shopping  once in a while but when time is of the essence it becomes a problem.

And there are those amongst us who love to spend their afternoons in a highly air-conditioned place called the shopping mall and there are also others like me, who prefer to spend my Saturday afternoons lazing around in the comfort of my own room. So when a wardrobe question arises, we all know where to turn to! Online shopping!!

Since there are a lot of beautiful and incredible online shopping websites out there, I did some research to help remove the confusion.

1. Amazon

Headquartered in Washington, United states, it is the world’s no.1 online shopping website in the world. You will love Amazon because it has an interface that is user-friendly and quite simple. It has various easy payment methods, quick checkout and great discount facility. The most important factor why it is the best is because of its affordable rates and also it has a large collection of items from various categories and most importantly it has a quick and fast delivery system.


2. eBay

Ebay is headquartered at California, United states, is an online site where you not only buy but sell items hence it has become very popular among the online shopping websites. We can sell our products by making an online shopping store using eBay store web application, add the contents and images and the item is ready to be sold. This can be profitable to buyers because they get their products at very low rates and not to mention the seller also get some cash in return.


3. Walmart

Walmart is an American multinational retailer. Walmart was initially popular in the U.S but now has become a global online shopping website that has everything you need such as electronic appliances, home appliances, automobiles, video games, home furnishing, clothes, jewels, toys, automobiles, gifts, sports, toys and many other items at reasonable prices that meet your budget and satisfy your needs. It offers free shipping, discount coupons, discount on special occasions. This website is so shopping friendly and it’s easy to use interface makes it easier to use.


4. Alibaba is the largest global online business-to-business trading platform in the world especially for small business. It is most popular in china and Asia region. The whole concept is to bridge the gap between buyers and sellers. The customers can compare different products, checkout through secure payment gateway and expect quite fast delivery of products. The website is designed to appear more user


ETSY website  offers different handmade items, vintage and factory manufactured items too that cover a wide range of jewelry, art, photography, beauty products ,quilts, knick knacks, toys, home and living, men, women and kids garments, weddings, craft supplies, gift ideas, mobile accessories and more. Searching for products on Etsy is generally intuitive and simple. User can browse through a list of options of all the mentioned items. Even though it specializes it vintage products but as of December 31 2014 this online shopping website had 54 million user registered as members. It is based in Brooklyn, New York City, United States.



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